Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bloodhound News Blog

Welcome to this new Blog that we hope will become 'the place' to go for news of the bloodhound.

Whilst we can, and do already pick up news snipits from our friends around the world we just know that there are far more interesting and newsworthy Bloodhound news stories just waiting to be told. Now you can send them in and let others share them.. 

Besides these individual contirbutions we are also hoping to attract a few 'volunteers' who will turn themsleves into 'Our Correspondent in'' and provide us with link information to national, international and local - show, tracking, trailing results and other items of Bloodhound News.

For example we often hear, after the event, that Bloodhound's have featured in TV progammes or a film (the latest Robin Hood film is a good example) but it would be nice to know when these are being broadcast so we can have a look and also who the hounds are.

A small, very small, negative comment - this blog is not going to be a place to advertise litters - there are the national breed associations that carry that news and we will happily show links to any official breed club or rescue association that would like us to to show a link. Just email us on

Our intention is to develop this site as members join and the 'rules' may change with time - however to start off we will have this as a moderated blog - to ensure that it is the Bloodhound that features in number 1 spot and politics don't feature.

Please enjoy the site and let us have your feedback.

Eileen Peers

Bloodhounds in the Congo on poacher patrol

A group of 6 bloodhound puppies recently made the long journey (mainly from the USA) to Virunga National Park in the Congo to form the basis of a new team set up to combat the considerable poaching problem in the national park. To vist the web site and blog and read about this fasinating story click the link below

Crufts Results 2011

The full Bloodhound Crufts results can be found at:-